Registrations are now open for the 18th Australasian Polymer Summer School (18APSS)

The 18APSS is being held on February 14-16 2017 at the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, South Australia.

The 18APSS is jointly funded by the CRC for Polymers and the RACI Polymer Division and sponsored by PerkinElmer and Agilent Technologies.  This event provides an excellent opportunity to gain an overview of important developments in polymer science and engineering from experts in their field.  Anyone interested in the topics to be presented is encouraged to register.

Further details are available at the 18APSS website, including how to register:

Website: http://crcp2017.wixsite.com/18apss

Register: https://register.eventarc.com/35468/18th-australasian-polymer-summer-school-18apss


Dr Markus Muellner, the University of Sydney – An Introduction to Polymers.

Dr Stuart Prescott, the University of New South Wales and Dr Asa Jamting, the National Measurement Institute – Polymer Characterisation.

A/Prof. Cyrille Boyer, the University of New South Wales- ‘Living’ radical polymerisation.

Prof. Amanda Ellis, Flinders University – Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces.

Prof. Peter Murphy, the University of South Australia and Prof. David Lewis, Flinders University – Polymer Technologies and Industry.

Prof. Neil Cameron, Monash University – Polymers in Nanomedicine and Biomaterials.

Careers panel session including Prof. Emily Hilder, the University of South Australia and Dr Stuart Thickett, the University of Tasmania.

The Polymer Summer School is relevant for:

Students enrolled in higher degrees;

Undergraduate Engineering and Science students;

Postdoctoral Fellows;

Anyone with a technical interest in polymers and polymer research.

Registrations close Friday February 3rd 2017.