2023 Solomon Lecturer – Professor Brigitte Voit

The 2023 Solomon Lecturer is Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit, who will be touring Australia in late 2023. Brigitte Voit received her PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry 1990 from University Bayreuth, Germany. After postdoctoral work in 1991/1992 at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, USA, she joined Technische Universität München. After habilitation in 1996, she was appointed 1997 full…

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Click Chemistry in the NIR

The ability to trigger the coupling of two molecules via light is an important tool in various fields of scientific research including chemistry, biology and material science. A range of efficient light induced ligation methodologies exist that allow fast, efficient and orthogonal linkage of two moieties in a spatial- and temporal- resolved manner. However, to…

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