The Bruce Guise Polymer Science and Technology Award

This award commemorates Bruce Guise, an exemplary Australian polymer and textile chemist who made very significant contributions to the wool industry and the polymer community.

A recipient of this Award must be a distinguished Australasian who has made a major contribution to industrial research in polymer science and/or technology. It is intended that a recipient will have spent a substantial part of their career in industry in Australia and/or New Zealand, and they must be a resident of one of these countries at the time of receiving the Award.


The Award will be presented at an Australasian Polymer Symposium, National Convention or other major Conference involving the Polymer Division.

The Division will pay for the recipient’s (economy-class) airfare, registration fee and conference accommodation in order to receive the Award.

The Award will take the form of a framed citation, authorized by the Chair and Secretary of the Division, or an equivalent item, suitably inscribed.

The awardee shall present a lecture at the meeting involving the Division at which the Award is presented.

The name of the recipient and details of the award shall be announced in Chemistry in Australia.

Selection process:

A nomination must be submitted to the Standing Committee by two members of the RACI.
The nomination shall include the name and affiliation of the candidate, a curriculum vitae, and a statement detailing the reasons for the nomination.
The Standing Committee shall decide the award but may appoint a subcommittee to consider nominations and make a recommendation.

Selection criteria:

  • The awardee will be a scientist/technical manager of international standing and must have had a career of significant achievement in industrial polymer science and/or technology which has led to commercial polymer-based products that have either reached the market or are considered as being marketable.
  • The research/innovation of the awardee should be supported by patents, refereed publications and/or statements of impact and contribution from senior company officials.
  • The awardee must have made a significant contribution to Australasian polymer science through spending a substantial part of their career in Australia and/or New Zealand.
  • The awardee must be a resident of Australia or New Zealand at the time of receiving the Award.
  • Under normal circumstances the awardee will have been a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute or the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry for an appropriate period of time (based on residency period in Australia or New Zealand) prior to receiving the Award.

Closing Date for Applications – 30th September 2023

Email applications to Associate Professor Stuart Thickett at

Previous Recipients

The previous recipients of the Award are:

  • 2011 H Toh, Carl Zeiss
  • 2013 C Such, Dulux
  • 2016 I Dagley, CRC for Polymers
  • 2019 Dr Phil Barker, University of Wollongong
  • laf_9014

    Ian Dagley accepting his award from Greg Qiao (Division Chair) at the 36 APS