The Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers is a collaborative research venture bringing together 24 partners, drawn from Government research laboratories, universities, industrial manufacturers and end users, our network unites Australia’s leading polymer researchers to create real world solutions. Its research covers health therapies and delivery, water and food security and polymer solar cells.

The Centre sponsors up to two prizes for a report based on project work in any field of polymer science or engineering. The prize includes a cash component of $1,500 and financial support to enable attendance at an agreed major national conference*. The competition is open to all students who have completed a research project as part of the requirement for a Bachelors or Honours degree in a relevant area of engineering, materials science or chemistry during the year 2016.

The report may be the student’s final year project report or honours thesis. It is expected that the project report will be a concise, high-quality document of original, well presented science and technology. The research reported must have been conducted and written up by the applicant. A statement to this effect, signed by the student’s supervisor, should accompany the application.

The report will be reviewed for scientific merit, creativity, originality and presentation by a panel appointed by a nominee of the RACI Polymer Division Standing Committee.

Further information may be obtained from

The Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers,

8 Redwood Drive, Notting Hill, Victoria 3168.

Phone: 03 9518 0400, Email: polymers@crcp.com.au

Competition entries (either a soft copy in PDF format of less than 10MB or two copies of your thesis both with application (form attached)) should be submitted to the email or postal address above. The closing date for this competition is Monday 12 December 2016.

* The CRCP will provide funding for the prize winner to an agreed conference.  Organisation and payment for the conference prize needs to occur before June 30 2017.

The CRC reserves the right to withhold the award if no applications of sufficient merit are received.

Further details and application forms to enter the competition are available at the CRC for Polymers website: