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The Future of Polymer Science Festival will be a month of activities highlighting polymer science in Australia. It will highlight the work of both established and emerging scientific leaders from across Australia. It will provide opportunities to learn more about Australian polymer science, as well as grow your network!

The month of festivities will include:

  • Future of Polymer Science Seminar Series – Every Friday, join in an online seminar where invited speakers and emerging polymer researchers will highlight the latest in polymer science research.
    Abstracts open to PhD students and Post Docs until December 4th, see below.
  • Australasian Polymer Summer SchoolThe 21st APSS is going digital! The APSS aims to broaden polymer education in Australia and to provide a strong theoretical introduction for new researchers. In addition to  formal presentations, there are excellent opportunities to meet with leading polymer scientists.
  • Local Polymer Group activities – a chance to network with local researchers, find out about technological capability and build new partnerships.

Keep an eye on this webpage for more information!

Future of Polymer Science Seminar Series

This will provide an opportunity for early career researchers, including both PhD students and post-docs to present their research and highlight their contribution to the wider Polymer Science community. This will provide an opportunity similar to the Australasian Polymer Symposium, which has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Early career researchers will be provided with a 15 minute presentation opportunity (12 min + 3 min question) during the seminar series. Due to the online nature of this event, you will receive exposure across Australia and potentially to international researchers as well.

To nominate for this opportunity, please complete the Nomination Form and submit an abstract using the template below via email to with the email subject line “PD Future Festival”.

Nominations and abstracts are open until December 4th.

Download the nomination form and abstract template here.

There is a small registration fee for the presenters to cover costs of organising the seminar series.

Presenter Registration Fees:
$5 RACI Members
$10 Non-Members