Polymer Summer School

raft agentThe Polymer Summer School has been held annually since 2000. It is co-sponsored by the RACI Polymer Division and the CRC for Polymers. Its aims are to broaden polymer education in Australia, increase the level of cross-fertilisation in polymer science and engineering, and to provide a strong theoretical introduction for new researchers. In addition to attending formal presentations, there are excellent opportunities to meet on an informal basis with leading polymer scientists.

The most recent APSS was held at The University of Queensland’s Engineering Learning Centre in February 2016. The topics of the 17APSS introduced delegates to polymer science separation, characterisation, ‘living polymerisation’, intellectual property protection, as well as the use of polymers in industry, health and nanomedicine. The event was attended by 55 delegates drawn from academia and industry. Feedback from the participants indicated their appreciation of the broad topics, the speakers’ expertise, the opportunity to discuss careers as well as expand their professional networks. The guest speakers and their topics were:

  • Dr James Blinco, ‘An introduction to polymers’, QUT.
  • Dr Patrice Castignolles, ‘Separation and Characterization of Polymers’, UWS.
  • Prof. Michael Monteiro, ‘Living polymerization’, UQ.
  • Prof. Bronwyn Fox, ‘Polymer technology and industry’, SUT.
  • Dr Ramon Tozer, ‘A patent attorney’s perspective, together with some practical insights into protecting intellectual property’, Davies Collison Cave.
  • Dr John Quinn, ‘Polymers in health and nanomedicine’, Monash University.
  • Prof. Andrew Whittaker, ‘Polymer characterization, NMR’, UQ.
  • Dr Kevin Jack, ‘Polymer characterization, Scattering’, UQ.

18th Australasian Polymer Summer School

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Previous Polymer Summer Schools

  • terephthalicacid2000 Thredbo, NSW
  • 2001 Albury, NSW
  • 2002 Armidale, NSW
  • 2003, Albury, NSW
  • 2004, Wamberal, NSW
  • 2004, Sunset Cove, SA
  • 2006, Ballarat, VIC
  • 2007, Geelong, VIC
  • 2008, Leura, Blue Mts, NSW
  • 2010, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2010, Wollongong, NSW
  • 2011, Brisbane, QLD
  • 2012, Adelaide, SA
  • 2013, Sydney, NSW
  • 2014, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2015, Melbourne, VIC
  • 2016, Brisbane, QLD