O’Donnell International Travel Awards

Professor O'Donnell

Owing to the challenges we all face in the COVID-19 pandemic, the first award due for March 31 will be postponed. At this stage the awards will open again for nomination in September 2020.

The O’Donnell International Travel Awards are offered by the RACI Polymer Division in recognition of the longstanding support and encouragement of young polymer scientists by the late Prof. Jim O’Donnell of the University of Queensland. Prof. O’Donnell’s vision and efforts for polymer scientists in Australia always placed young scientists in a pivotal role within the community.

The award is offered to higher degree students enrolled in Australian or New Zealand universities who are financial members of the RACI, and who wish to present at an international conference and/or wish to visit an international lab as part of their research. For conference travel, the award will only be made on condition that a paper or poster is accepted by the conference committee. Applicants that demonstrate multiple activities during the trip will be considered favourably by the committee. The awards will be offered biannually, with closing dates on the 31st March and 30th September.

The value of the award is up to $3000, as well as free student registration to attend and present at the Australasian Polymer Symposium

In order to qualify for the awards, applicants need to submit the following to the RACI Polymer Division:

  1. Completed and signed application form (click to download)
  2. CV, including publications (if available)
  3. Reference letter from supervisor

Award applications should be submitted by the due date to the awards coordinator of the Polymer Division, Dr Nathan Boase (nathan.boase@qut.edu.au) with the email subject line “PD Student Travel Award”.