The Bruce Guise Polymer Science and Technology Award

This award commemorates Bruce Guise, an exemplary Australian polymer and textile chemist who made very significant contributions to the wool industry and the polymer community.

A recipient of this Award must be a distinguished Australasian who has made a major contribution to industrial research in polymer science and/or technology. It is intended that a recipient will have spent a substantial part of their career in industry in Australia and/or New Zealand, and they must be a resident of one of these countries at the time of receiving the Award.

Closing Date for Applications – 1st September 2017

Previous Recipients

The previous recipients of the Award are:

  • 2011 H Toh, Carl Zeiss
  • 2013 C Such, Dulux
  • 2016 I Dagely, CRC for Polymers


    Ian Dagely accepting his award from Greg Qiao (Division Chair) at the 36 APS